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Rosalind Parker as Puck - A Midsummer Night's Dream
Rosalind Parker as Puck – A Midsummer Night’s Dream
Rosalind Parker as Iago in Othello Syndrome, 2013

Rosalind Parker plays Iago in “Othello Syndrome”, 2013.

Othello Syndrome – Drayton Theatre,  London, 2013

“I found most amazing Rosalind Parker’s Iago. …  She brings out the joy Iago has in manipulating people – quite apart from his darker purposes- better than than any other actor since Bob Hoskins in the BBC Shakspeare series.” Stephen Vizinczey/ Time Out

Ros Parker… portrayed Iago in a breathtakingly chilling and mesmeric performance. Her lingeringly menacing half-smile which closes several scenes is both cold and calculating. She plays her role not only convincingly but with utterly credible malice. Hers is an outstanding performance.” Maureen Singer/ Time Out

“(Rosalind Parker) is a Machiavelli in the making, the most coldly evil, double dealing, hypocritical Iago I have ever seen, revelling in her schemes like a malicious Mosca.”  Margaret Jones/ Time Out

“internalised misogyny, pent-up violence and a sociopathic possessiveness… particularly enjoyed Rosalind Parker’s sinuously androgynous Iago” – London City Nights

Rosalind Parker makes for a sturdy Iago, who is surprisingly cold as the manipulative villain. She masterfully turns the jealous and vengeful knave into something unnaturally steely and inert.”  – GGC

The Importance of Being Earnest – Rosalind Parker as Gwendolen. (Ann Pownall Photography.)

The Importance of Being Earnest – Spontaneous Productions, London, 2011

The director, Jonathan Kaufman, had a perfect sense of timing, and rhythm and so did his actors. The play flew along as a smoothly and at such speed as a symphony in the hands of a good conductor. The actors were all young, full of energy, passion and intelligence – they made Wilde’s wit sparkle in every sentence. It was a fast performance, yet nothing was lost. I was particularly struck by the actress playing Gwendolen, Rosalind Parker, Joseph Attenborough (Algernon) and Tom Franck (Jack Worthing). Stephen Vizinczey – Author

Rosalind Parker plays Gwendolen

The Importance of Being Earnest – Gwendolen played by Rosalind Parker. (Ann Pownall Photography.)






The Three Musketeers – Spontaneous Productions, London, 2010

“Dramatic sword-fighting is finely executed around the gardens in an excellent use of the outdoor setting… All three musketeers are well-portrayed with Rosalind Parker a feisty and spirited D’Artagnan.” News Shopper

Planchet (Tom Franck) and D’Artagnan (Ros Parker)

Ros Parker as D’Artagnan in The Three Musketeers























The Duchess of Malfi (Ros Parker and Alan Mirren)

The Duchess of Malfi – King’s Head Theatre, London, 2009

There is one outstanding conceit to the production: the introduction of two silent servants or “minders”. Under Rosalind Parker’s movement direction they stand unmoveable in corners; bow blankly to their enemies; hold each other’s eyes as they dance furniture on and off stage… A chillingly effective invention.” The British Theatre Guide

“an excellent company of seven, including Rosalind Parker and David Spence as two well-choreographed silent servants, superbly setting the tone of a stifling court atmosphere.” Time Out London